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PG&E Efficient Refrigerated Case Options
Welcome to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) Efficient Refrigerated Case Options (ERCO) Program. This program provides incentives directly to Participating Manufacturers or their agents who sell qualifying energy-efficient refrigerated case upgrades to eligible PG&E non-residential electric customers.
2013-2014 ERCO Incentives for Refrigerated Case Lighting
(Contact Program Support for more details)
  • Incentives are paid per foot of LED lightbar
  • Horizontal and Vertical lightbars are both eligible
  • Higher incentives for lightbars controlled by occupancy sensors
  • Higher incentives for a single LED lightbar that replaces multiple fluorescent lamps
  • Maximum LED wattage of 6 Watts/foot, and 9 Watts/foot for lightbars replacing multiple fluorescent lamps
To qualify for ERCO, new LED lightbars must be listed by the Design Lights Consortium, in addition to meeting the wattage limits for ERCO products. If your product is not already listed, please visit the Design Lights Consortium's (DLC) Solid State Lighting page in order to start the approval process. The Watts per foot used for vertical case lightbars will be a weighted average of center-lightbar and end-lightbar wattages, with the center lightbar wattage weighted 2.19 times more than the end lightbar wattage.

To participate in the Program, Manufacturers or their agents will be asked to complete the 2013 Channel Engagement Participation Agreement (CEPA). To sign up for the program, please download the CEPA and follow the instructions on the document.
Channel Engagement Participation Agreement
ERCO Participation Agreement (PDF)
Please visit the Design Lights Consortium's Solid State Lighting page to view DLC-qualified products.
Contact Information

For overall program structure and
policy inquiries please contact:

Winsey Kan
Sr. Program Manager
(415) 973-8981

For question about the website or
your applications please contact:

Michelle van Tijen
Energy Solutions
Program Implementer

(510) 482-4420 ext 209
This offering is funded by the California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.
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